Dr Madelein J Grundlingh
Dr Madelein J GrundlinghWEF Founder & Chairperson
Dr. Madelein J Grundlingh is a professionally qualified and experienced zoologist and conservation education specialist, former lecturer, biology teacher, researcher, scriptwriter, artist, graphic designer and producer of nature/environmental television programmes, as well as a passionate wildlife photographer and the founder of DJANI Wildlife Projects, a wildlife conservation initiative.
Apart from various other awards, during SANParks’ prestigious annual award ceremony, Dr. Madelein J. Grundlingh has been awarded a KUDU Award for her individual contribution towards environmental education and capacity building in South Africa. Other recent achievements include amongst others, two new spectacular books on Africa’s mammals, written and published by dr. Grundlingh and the income generated from the sale of these books are ultilised by the WEF for Conservation Education.
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AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species

A celebration of the animal kingdom, a celebration of the magic and wonder of all the magnificent creatures we share this planet with - a dedication to their special and intriguing lives that often go unnoticed by us, the one species capable of truly appreciating this magical biodiversity.
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WEF Patrons

Michelle Garforth-Venter
Michelle Garforth-VenterPatron
Conservation Journalist, Presenter & Executive Producer: Ezinkulu Productions, and co-author of the book: The Green Line. Award winning conservation journalist, Michelle Garforth-Venter, has become synonymous for her pioneering educational television productions and newsprint articles have brought sustainable living, eco, wildlife and conservation issues to the fore of the public’s mind – by creating a much needed platform of awareness in mainstream media. Through her travels and passion for the natural world, while working for the world’s best known television channels, Michelle inspires others to become everyday activists and help solve the plight of our Planet.
Jonathan Pienaar
Jonathan PienaarWEF Patron
Jonathan Pienaar is a famous and well-loved South African writer, actor, voice-over artist and comedian. He has appeared in numerous South African and international films and television shows including Blood Diamond, Crusoe, and Wild At Heart.
Apart from being a professional and dedicated writer, actor, voice over artist and comedian for more than 20 years, Jonny is a passionate conservationist and humanist.
Rudolf & DeWet du Toit
Rudolf & DeWet du ToitWEF Patrons
DeWet du Toit is a well-known South African actor, director and producer. He is committed to starring in a Hollywood Tarzan blockbuster film and regards every bit of filming experience as a stepping-stone towards his ultimate goal.
Rudolf du Toit is the twin brother of DeWet du Toit, both well-known South African actors and filmakers.
Apart from being a professional actor, DeWet is a passionate conservationist.