Project Description

In order to fulfill our vision, mission and objectives, the WEF (a registered Non-Profit Organisation, no: 078-886 NPO) needs to be self-sustainable and raise the necessary funds – and we do that by either applying our professional skills and expertise (see our “Ways to Support“) or specific fundraising projects such as the ones below:

Exciting and educational wildlife books, games, posters and more – ALL IDEAL GIFTS for young and old alike!

The TWO award winning and absolute unique wildlife books on Africa’s mammls (English edition as well as Afrikaans edition) have been donated to the WEF and the profits generated through the selling of these two amazing and brand new wildlife books, are re-utilised for conservation education by the WEF.

These beautifully illustrated hardcover books are in a class of their own. It differs from any other existing wildlife book in that it focuses on providing as much unique information as possible on each of the 101 different species in a condensed, yet, most informative and stunningly illustrated style.

  • Latest Taxonomy, 101 Species, unique information,
  • Comparative Tables, Distribution Maps.
  • Spoor & Pupil, mammal Record Tables . . . and much more!
  • It is also an Ideal Corporate Gift . . .
  • Support the WEF by buying your copy directly ONLINE or contact us.