Wildlife Education Foundation (WEF)

The WEF is an apolitical, Non-Profit Organisation (reg. no: 078-886 NPO, PBO: 930039447) founded and managed with integrity by a group of professionals with a passion and an interest in sustainable development, biodiversity, education and the conservation of our natural heritage - Read more ...


CONSERVATION through EDUCATION - The ONLY long-term Solution to our planet's Environmental & Conservation Challenges! During the past few years, the WEF has visited and done presentations and workshops at more than 80 schools and reached annually more than 120 000 learners, educator and adults - Read more ...

WEF Volunteer Experience

The WEF ENVIRO-Hero Volunteer Program is a unique and educational Wildlife Documentary Filming Project and Introduction to Wildlife Volunteering in Africa. Included: Exciting & educational safaris/tours, a variety of Wildlife / Nature Courses, introduction to various Wildlife and Conservation Projects at different locations - Read more ...
BE the HERO - BE part of the CONSERVATION SOLUTION - NOT the problem!


  • AFRICA's Mammals - Discover 101 speciesAFRICA's Mammals - Discover 101 species
    • Hardcover, 224 pages
    • Full colour, maps, spoor, pupil
    • 101 Different Mammal species
    • Latest Taxonomy
    • Glossary & Index
    • Comprehensive Comparative Tables
  • Sale! Wildlife Videos/DVDWildlife Videos/DVD

    Snake Handling Video

    R120.00 R99.00
    Introduction to some of some of the world’s most amazing, but often also very dangerous, yet, misunderstood animals . . . snakes. Content:
      1. Exotic Snakes (Non-Venomous, Venomous) 2. Endemic Snakes (Non-Venomous, Venomous) 3. Different Types of Venom (Neurotoxic Venom; Haemotoxic Venom) 4. Snake Handling (Tools of the Trade; Safety Equipment)
  • SOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesiesSOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesies
    • Hardeband, 224 bladsye
    • Volkleur, kaarte, spore, pupil, ens.
    • 101 Verskillende Soogdier-spesies
    • Nuutste Taksonomie
    • Woordelys & Indeks
    • Vergelykende Tabelle
  • WildWays Trump CardsWildWays Trump Cards
    A collection of EIGHT (8) different decks of African Wildlife Trump cards (Herbivores, Omnivores, Antelope, Mammals of the World, Primates of Africa, Birds of Africa, Reptiles of Africa). Each pack contains 40 different wildlife cards filled with "wild wildlife info"! 20 Different animals (species) per deck! To top it all - 12 different games can be played with a single deck of cards. Combine the different decks of wildlife trumps and play 15 different card games! International standard and quality trump cards made by the world’s leading card manufacturers.
    • Mammals of the World
    • Primates
    • Reptiles
    • Birds
    • Omnivores
    • Herbivores
    • Antelope
    • Junior Mammals