Ways to Support the WEF

As a registered NPO and PBO, any sponsorships / donations to the WEF are exempt by SARS from donation tax and/or estate duty in terms of the respective Income and Estate Duty Acts. The WEF also qualifies under the current scorecard and legislation as a LEVEL 4 BEE Contributor in terms of the Preferential Procurement Scorecard and as such automatically qualifies as a 100% contributor towards Preferential Procurement.
This is the ideal opportunity for you and/or your organisation to become involve in Education for Sustainable Development & Conservation. The latter is the only logical and most effective way to conserve and preserve our environment and wildlife, that is, by positively informing and changing the attitudes and thus actions of the people responsible for conservation and the health of our planet. Why …!?

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Conservation Education - SCHOOLS

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ENVIRO-HERO School Projects

Support/Sponsor one or more WEF ENVIRO-HERO Presentations/Workshops at various Schools – CLICK HERE to View Options

WEF ENVIRO/Wildlife Campus

Skills & Resource Development


Online & Lectured Wildlife/Nature Courses – Various Support Options – CLICK HERE

Adopt-101-Species Project


Adopt-101-Species Project

WEF Wildlife & Conservation Awareness & Fundraising Campaign – CLICK HERE for more information.

BIG ENVIRO-Heroes Project

WEF & Corporate ENVIRO-Heroes

BIG ENVIRO-Hero Project

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WEF’s Main Focus Areas

The WEF main focus is Conservation through Education, aimed at the FOUR main focus areas indicated above and in the FOUR tabs to the right:

WHY Support the WEF

      • Conservation through Education is the ONLY long-term Solution to our planet’s Conservation & Environmental Challenges
      • ONLY Knowledge can change Destructive Human Attitudes and Actions
      • The WEF focuses on the ONE SPECIES (humans) with the most Destructive Behaviour
      • REALISTIC Approach: Positive, Practical Conservation Solutions – NOT negative criticism
      • WEF Projects ALL function on self-sustainable principles

Conservation Education …

The best way to determine the future, is to create it TODAY!
dr. MJ Grundlingh, WEF
Whatever you want to do – DO IT NOW!!! There are only so many tomorrows!
WEF Slogan, WEF
Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead
Be the HERO in your own life-story and the ENVIRO-Hero in the story of our planet!
dr. MJ Grundlingh, WEF
The world is ruled by three forces: FEAR, STUPIDITY and GREED!
Albert Einstein
KNOWLEDGE gives us the POWER to change ACTIONS – and human actions determine the survival and quality of all life on earth.