In order to fulfil our vision, mission and objectives, the WEF (a registered Non-Profit Organisation, no: 078-886 NPO) needs to raise the necessary funds – and we do that by either applying our professional skills and expertise (see our “Ways to Support”) or specific fundraising projects such as this Wildlife Book Project.

True to the WEF’s objectives, the WEF works in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with wildlife education to promote and support wildlife education and conservation. One such organisations is DJANI Wildlife Projects, a wildlife conservation initiative that shares our vision and are supporting our work by donating to the WEF, the profits generated through the selling of their two amazing and brand new wildlife books. ONLY KNOWLEDGE can change human ATTITUDES & ACTIONS – and this is the ONLY LONG-TERM SOLUTION to CONSERVATION and the preservation of life on this beautiful planet – TODAY AND TOMORROW!!!

This beautifully illustrated hardcover book (224 pages, size: 280 x 215 x 15 mm) is in a class of its own. It differs from any other existing wildlife book in that it focuses on providing as much unique information as possible on each of the 101 different species in a condensed, yet, most informative and stunningly illustrated style.

In addition, a comprehensive comparative table on the statistic data of all 101 species; a table giving the records held by all African mammals (tallest, fastest, smallest, most water-loving, toughest, etc.); as well as a geographic and vegetative map of Africa; taxonomy; glossary; references for suggested further reading; and comprehensive index are also included.
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This spectacular book is also available in an AFRIKAANS edition as:SOOGDIERE VAN AFRIKA – Ontdek 101 spesies.

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AFRICA'S MAMMALS - Discovering 101 species

SOOGDIERE van AFRIKA - Ontdek 101 spesies
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