1. Africa is home to more than 25% of the world’s mammal species, but during the past 80 years the numbers of large mammals in Africa have been decreased by between 80 and 98% – mainly due to habitat loss and unsustainable consumption/exploitation.

DID YOU KNOW: there are now LESS lions surviving in the “wild” in Africa, than the total number of rhinos still alive!

2. By KNOWING the other living creatures we share this beautiful planet & life with – ME & YOU can BE the HERO in our own life story and that of our planet – choosing to make make informed decisions that will not have negative, destructive or harming effects on our environment or ANY other living creature!

ONLY KNOWLEDGE can change human Actions & Behaviour – please support “CONSERVATION through EDUCATION – the ONLY long-term Solution to our planet’s Conservation challenges!

3. By supporting the WEF’s “101 HEROES – 101 SPECIES” project, YOUR support will not only expose YOU to new & amazing wildlife knowledge, YOU will also enable the WEF to do CONSERVATION EDUCATION on an even larger scale on your behalf –“Whatever we want to do – DO IT NOW – there are only so many tomorrows”!