The LESELI Experience (A WEF Project)

“Leseli” is the Sesotho word for “light, illumination, enlightenment”, whereas “wilderness” (although defined as “a wild or natural region, uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings”), is more than a “wild place”, it is a state of soul, spirit & mind, an attitude – and most definitely MUST include the human species as we are as much from this earth as any other living creature on this beautiful planet … read more

The LESELI Experience follows a holistic approach to illuminating the Human-Nature Connection & Entanglement. We do this by sharing our nature, wildlife & philosophical knowledge, skills, experience, and wisdom through unique event presentations, talks, seminars & workshops, as well as longer 1 – 5 day LESELI Experiences, Courses & Retreats … read more

One of the main reasons why the human-animal feels disconnected, isolated, and lost in a seemingly hostile world, is to a large extent the result of us severing our connection with nature, hence, spirit and all other living creatures, including ourselves. This connection serves as our internal guidance system and without it, we are lost in many ways.

To truly UNDERSTAND our universe, our planet, our environment with its amazing biodiversity, and our own inseparable connection & inter-relationships with it all – we need information, knowledge, and an open mind. Only then will we be able to make sense of it all and embrace the true being that we really are.

The LESELI Experience provides you & me with unique opportunities to rediscover and reconnect with nature and ourselves, to gain knowledge, to reconsider values … and to find our way back ‘home’ … to the peace, harmony, and joy in this precious moment in time – BECAUSE EVERY LIFE & EVERY MOMENT MATTERS.

The LESELI Experience is also an education Contributor for the (SA Centre of Excellence in Life Science, Innovation, & Technology) (

LESELI Experience

Popular Event Talks & Presentations:

  • Human-Nature Connection

  • The Importance of the Human-Nature Connection in a modern Digital world

  • Biosonification: Sound & Music in Nature (“Music of the Plants“)

  • Extraordinary Universe – Extraordinary planet!

  • Cosmology – “the Bigger Picture”

  • SENTIENCE: Intelligence & Consciousness in Nature

  • Genetics – Masters or Victims

  • Energy, Sound, Light & Music in Nature (incl: “Music of the Plants“)

  • The Secrets and Power of Water

  • Patterns, Creativity & Art in Nature

  • Communication & Bio-networks in Nature

  • Cosmo- and Biomimicry (“universe & nature-inspired creations & innovation”)

  • Missing Links, Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms

  • Biodiversity and Conservation

  • The Science of Success & Well-being – A Corporate & Leadership Presentation

  • … and lots of other exciting topics!

Human-Nature Connection

How we treat Nature and all other living creatures – that is exactly how we have chosen to treat OURSELVES

“Once upon a time, … there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated”

Rediscover & Reconnect with Nature

Leseli Experience

“Nature is not our enemy to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves to be cherished and explored” – Terence McKenna

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