The SA Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology (SA CoE-LSIT) is a WEF ( initiative in collaboration with various professional experts, institutions, organisations, and the corporate sector with the aim to provide educational opportunities to support capacity building and a holistic scientific understanding of our living world and beyond.

As our panel of experts and contributors keep on expanding, we are grateful to say that so does the expertise, programs, and courses that the SA CoE is able to offer  … read more

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“Excellence is an attitude of excelling,
and mediocrity is not an option”

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Since we also focus on capacity development of people, the process of Innovation (imagination, creativity, consciousness awareness, etc.) as well as Leadership Development and Career Exploration are integral parts of our educational programs and other offerings.
The “human world” is daily being build by PEOPLE – the foundation of every community, institution, organisation, and corporate company and as such PEOPLE need to be equipped to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.  

Our experienced team is excited to meet you and share this knowledge with you, your learners, students, educators, and present or potential leaders.


Excellence is an attitude of Excelling

Providing educational opportunities to support capacity development and a holistic scientific understanding of our living world, universe, and our entanglement with it all.

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